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All hard copies of our policies are available upon request from the Student Services office. To download our current policy documents please use the links below. To view all Astrea policies, please follow this link.

Acceptable Use Agreement
Accessibility policy and plan 2020-23
Admissions Policy September 2021
Attendance Policy 2020 – 2021
Anti-bullying Policy
Baker Clause
Behaviour Management Policy 2019-20 – updated June 2020
Covid-19 Behaviour Guidance – January 2021
Bereavement Policy
Year 7 Catch-Up Premium spending for 2018/19 and projected plans for 2019-20
CEIAG policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Children in Care Policy 2020-21
Complaints Policy
COVID Catch Up Funding Statement
Equality policy and objectives 2020-23
Exams and WP policy
Home Academy Agreement
Home Visit Policy and Procedure 2020-21
Inclusion Policy
Privacy Notice for pupils Sept 2020
Privacy Notice Adults Sept 2020
Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (March 2021 Longsands Astrea)
Appendix 5 Safeguarding Policy 01.03.2021
SEND Policy
SEND Information Report 2020
Appendix – Covid19 Additional Information for SEN Information Report – January 2021

Sex and Relationships Education policy (SRE) 
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 
16-19 Tuition Fund
Use of Images Policy and statement 

Other Policies and Information

British Values Longsands 
Drugs policy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy for Pupils
Provider access Statement

Transgender policy
Union Facilities Time Report
Visitor Conduct policy
Young Carers