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Values & Ethos

Longsands Academy is a successful, fully inclusive secondary school at the heart of its community. We pride ourselves on providing an engaging and supportive environment in which our students feel empowered to reach and embrace their full potential with confidence.

Our statement of purpose, values and outcomes encourages students to:

be safe and healthy;

give and receive respect as an individual;

enjoy and achieve in school and beyond;

develop the confidence, skills and attitudes necessary for economic well-being;

understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and the importance of making a positive contribution to society;

develop moral awareness, cultural understanding and an appreciation of diversity.

Our staff are committed to nurturing the abilities of every child with a curriculum which recognises the distinct uniqueness of our students. The opportunities we provide allow all students to showcase their talents, whether through the traditional school day or as a result of the wealth of extra-curricular activities that we provide. We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students which are a result of the high expectations of behaviour, learning and teaching and the strong, supportive relationships that exist between staff, students and their parents/carers. Furthermore, in order to develop the important qualities of independent learning and resilience, our students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning both in and out of lessons.

We recognise the importance of student support, ensuring all students have access to a committed team of professionals who work tirelessly to maintain their well-being so that all students develop the confidence and resilience to make the most of their time with us and achieve a successful outcome.

We work hard to encourage and enable parental involvement in their child’s learning and we pride ourselves on the strong partnerships between students, staff, parents and carers. Such partnerships enable us to understand and support our students and allow you, as guardians of your child’s future, a greater involvement, at this pivotal stage, in their lives and their education.