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Technology in school

Is My Child Safe In School?

The academy endeavours to teach all students to be socially responsible about the acceptable use of the internet and mobile technologies. This is done through lessons, PSHE and assemblies.

Students using equipment in school do so through a secure filtered service. Those students using their own devices via the academy BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are similarly protected. Any unacceptable use of the service can be traced back to the user.

Can My Child Bring Or Use His/Her Device In School?

It is not a requirement that students bring their own devices in order to access a full curriculum. There is enough capacity within the academy to accommodate their needs. The academy cannot police those students who wish to bring their own mobile phones into the academy.  However, we do have a policy on their use during the school day the highlights of which include:

  • Not using them during lesson time;
  • Not using phones with ear phones as they move between lessons;
  • Using phones responsibly – not sending inappropriate text, images or video.

Students in the sixth form to have enhanced privileges and can use their devices in some Wi-Fi hotspots. This would be through a safe, secure filtered system.

Why does the Academy not encourage students to bring devices into school?

There are a number of key issues which relate to the use of mobile phones in school these include:

  • loss and breakage – the academy insurance will not cover for loss and breakage;
  • inappropriate use – which could include; texting, gaming or sending images during lessons which are distracting.

What if a parent needs to get hold of their child in an emergency?

If a parent needs to contact their child they can do so by ringing reception. If necessary, the academy can ensure that you speak to your child personally.  As such, it is not essential that a child has mobile phone.

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