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Summer Grading Update

We are aware that this is a time of uncertainty, particularly for Year 11 and 13 students who were due to sit external examinations this year. We are very aware of the need to reduce levels of anxiety which impact on students’ wellbeing, whilst ensuring our students have every support for their future career or educational choices.

The JCQ Guidance Document gives a very detailed overview of the process to be followed, from initial decisions on which pieces of evidence to use through to the awarding process and the appeals process which will be available, should it be needed. Longsands will be following the JCQ national guidance in deciding which pieces of students work will provide the fairest evidence for the achievement of each student.

The final grades awarded must reflect as closely as possible what each student has achieved in their work during the course and will include a variety of material, including mock results, classwork, homework and NEA or practical coursework. In the next few weeks, each subject will be setting mini-assessments during normal lesson times, which will be marked using mark schemes provided by the awarding bodies and standardised across the departments. There is no need to be unduly anxious about these assessments, as there will be sufficient advanced notice and time to prepare, and the results will be used as part of our overall decision-making. We are aiming for fairness, accuracy and reliability of grading. Students with agreed access arrangements will be supported during the testing process.

We recognise that this will be an anxious time for many of our students and so we encourage them to share their concerns and staff in school will offer their full support and guidance. Remember that there is a range of useful wellbeing links on the website which can be accessed by following link