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SEND, Pastoral Care & Safeguarding

Longsands Academy is a fully inclusive secondary academy for 11- 16 year olds with a Sixth Form Centre (Astrea St Neots Sixth Form). We pride ourselves on providing an engaging and supportive environment in which our students feel empowered to reach and embrace their full potential with confidence.


The SENDCo leads the SEND Team, and works alongside other key staff in the Academy such as the Director of Interventions, the Transition KS3 Lead, the Exams Manager, Attendance Manager, Behaviour Manager, Heads of Year and Sixth Form staff. The Assistant SENDCo supports the SENDCo on the day to day work of the department and is in charge of ICT for students within the department. The SEND team has a number of highly skilled and experienced teaching assistants, who impact hugely on the school experiences and lives of vulnerable young people. A number of higher level teaching assistants have more specialist roles within the SEND team. These include responsibilities for interventions such as Catch Up literacy and numeracy intervention, SEMH development, Social Skills and Communication programs and meeting sensory and physical needs. A part time specialist teacher has responsibility for intervention groups with focus on reading and spelling.

Working alongside teachers, teaching assistants provide support for students within lessons, enabling progress in learning and inclusion with their peers. A range of extra provision is offered, which include the following:

  • literacy programs including Catch-Up, Lexonic, Lexia, small group teaching;
  • numeracy programs
  • study support, which may include prior learning and consolidation and supported homework;
  • sensory exercise programs with input from physiotherapists and occupational therapists;
  • communication programs, with input from speech therapists;
  • social skills groups to support communication and interaction.

For further information on the identification of students with learning needs, different areas of SEND and full details of the provision offered for each, please consult the Longsands Academy and Astrea St Neots Sixth Form SEND Report.

The Learning Support base (E2) includes a room for small group learning and support during lessons, breaks and lunch times. ICT resources include Alphasmart, surface Pro tablets and laptops, as well as reading pens. There are a wide variety of schemes, games and equipment to support students with a range of special educational needs.

Alternative Provision
At Longsands Academy, we are committed to meeting the needs of every student, not only through the pastoral and academic support we offer, but also through the curriculum at large. The role of the SLT with responsibility for Alternative Provision is to secure the right curriculum for every young person. For a variety of reasons, it may transpire that a typical curriculum offer is not fully meeting the needs of a young person. In cases such as this we are committed to providing an alternative education package, in consultation with the young person and their family that is tailored to their needs: designed to support progress, wellbeing and maximise academic outcomes. The main provider of Alternative Provision at Longsands Academy is Prospect House.

Pastoral Care
The inclusive ethos of the Academy is delivered through a combination of all teaching staff supported by a well-established team of Student Support Officers organized by Key Stages. We take care to make sure that individual students and families have positive relationships with staff.  Form tutors in each year group work as a team led by a Head of Year. These members of staff have overview for the well-being of all students: their attendance, behaviour and progress. Each Head of Year is supported by a dedicated Student Support Officer. Our Student Support Officers are experienced members of staff who support students in a variety of ways: transition; work experience placements; transport issues; organisation; anxieties or emotional support and behaviour, all with the aim of helping them to get back on track.

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment where all students are respected and valued.

Parents/carers must be aware that the law requires all Academy and Sixth Form staff to pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. The staff will seek to discuss any concerns with the parent/carer, and routinely inform them of any referrals to outside agencies.  In exceptional circumstances, a referral may be made without the knowledge of the parent/carer, for example, where such discussion would put the child at increased risk of significant harm.

In accordance with local information sharing protocols, we will ensure that information is shared securely and sensitively.  Information will only be shared with other services where it is deemed necessary and proportionate to ensure that children and young people are safe and receive the right service.

The Academy and Sixth Form will seek advice from Social Care when they have reasonable cause to suspect a child may be suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. Occasionally, concerns are passed on which are later shown to be unfounded.  Parents/carers will appreciate that the member of staff in the Academy and Sixth Form with responsibility for child protection (known as the Designated Person for Safeguarding) is carrying out their responsibilities in accordance with the law and acting in the best interests of all children.

For further information, please follow this link to consult the Longsands Academy SEND Information Report 2020 and the Appendix – Covid 19 Additional Information for SEND Information Report – updated July 2020