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Reading at Longsands

Our mission

At Longsands our reading mission is to ensure that every student becomes a fluent and inquisitive reader so they can access the richness of our curriculum. The reading of fiction and non-fiction helps to expand vocabulary, develop empathy and broaden understanding of the world in which we live.

How do we implement this?

Free choice reading is explicitly taught in English lessons for all students in Years 7-9 through a regular library lesson. This is supported by the Accelerated Reader programme, which tracks students’ reading and reading age so we can monitor and celebrate their reading habits. We encourage our students to read regularly at home.

All teachers model reading aloud in Tutor time reading and students read aloud to improve their reading fluency.  The current reading list includes:

  • Year 7: Carrie’s War
  • Year 8: Chinglish
  • Year 9: The Boxer
  • Year 10: Life of Pi

We promote reading in all curriculum areas through the provision and use of high-quality textbooks and academic scholarship.  Details of the key texts that are used in each subject are listed in the Curriculum Overview.

We run three interventions for literacy:
  1. Fresh Start Phonics – for students without a strong grasp of phonics taught by a specialist Teacher of reading
  2. Lexonik – for students with diagnosed dyslexia identified as needing extra support
  3. Catch Up Literacy – for students who struggle with reading comprehension but have secure knowledge of phonics

For further information about reading at Longsands Academy, please contact Mrs Swainston, Assistant Principal: Literacy Development via

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