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Senior Prefect Team


The Year 11 Senior Prefect Team perform a vital role in the running of Longsands Academy. They act as ambassadors by upholding the highest standards at all times, including uniform, adherence to Academy rules and expectations, attendance and attitude to learning. Prefects demonstrate student leadership, assisting and supporting both staff and students. We are delighted with the quality of the students appointed to Senior Prefect Team and wish them well in discharging their responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Year 11 Senior Prefect Team

  • Form Prefects: Prefects will visit a Year 8 Form once a week to assist the Form Tutor with activities taking place and support the younger students.
  • Curriculum Liaison: Each Prefect will be assigned to a department and liaise with Heads of Department to assist new initiatives, mentoring systems, or event.
  • Duties: Prefects will be a presence around the Academy, taking on a break time duty where they will act as a role model and encourage exemplary behaviour.
  • Transitions and Open/Parents Evenings: Prefects will help during transition day with a particular form, being a friendly face to new students. They will also be on a rotation to assist during Open Evenings/ Parents’ Information events.
  • Committee Responsibilities: Prefects will direct their main focus to one of three Committees
    • Editorial – responsibility of the Yearbook and Prom
    • Raising Awareness – responsibility for Charity work and current issues
    • Outreach- Representing Longsands in the local community and Primary Schools


Prefect Team 2020

Madeleine L (Head Girl) This year I’m on the Outreach Committee and am excited to make Longsands a friendlier and more inclusive environment for students, as well as a productive ally to the St Neots community. I hope that the prefects can remain a reliable presence within the Academy even …

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