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Health and Safety

The following information is for the safety and protection of your son/daughter. Please discuss the details with your child. Follow-up work will be carried out during lessons and assemblies.

  1. FIRE – Upon hearing the fire alarm (a continuous bell) you should WALK in SILENCE to the muster points on the field. You should never attempt to extinguish a fire yourself.
  2. Inform a member of staff if you know of anyone who, for some reason, is stuck in the building, or is missing.
  3. FIRST AID – Longsands Academy is able to provide a basic service in first aid – FOR EMERGENCIES. Headaches, sickness, general ill-health are not first aid issues.
  4. FOOD HYGIENE – Eat only in the designated areas of the school. Remember – chewing gum is NOT allowed on the school premises; you must not bring glass bottles or cans to school.
  5. BUS BAY – Never walk/run/play in this area. On arrival at school, get off your bus and move onto the footpath. When leaving school at the end of the day, get on your bus and stay in your seat until the bus arrives at the appropriate stop.
  6. BIKES – Never ride your bike whilst on the school site.
  7. SERVICE ROAD – and adjoining ground area – is out of bounds at all times.
  8. CAR PARK – the car parks are out of bounds at all times – you must use the paths.
  9. TRIPS/VISITS/ACTIVITY DAYS – You must provide your name, address, phone number etc for all visits off site – to the member of staff taking you. Parental permission is a requirement by law.
    When you have been allocated to a particular bus – you must not change buses. The school needs to know exactly where everyone is in case of a breakdown or emergency.
  10. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – Arrange to be picked up (in the dark evenings) by someone.
  11. SMOKING – Longsands Academy is a NON-SMOKING site. You can harm other people by smoking, as well as yourself.
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