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Mid-Year Assessments KS3

Further to communication sent out in September to inform you of the curriculum and assessment plan for your child this coming academic year, we wrote in December to establish details of your child’s mid-year assessments.

All departments across the Academy will hold a Mid-Year assessment in January 2020. A personalised timetable of when your child will be sitting his/her assessment during this week was sent to you in December. A test preparation week will be held week in advance: departments will use this time to help students revise key content and homework tasks during this week will be to revise for the Mid-Year assessment.

Please see the information below for additional details:

Year 7 Mid-Year Assessment Letter
Year 7 Mid Test subject information

Year 8 Mid-Year Assessment Letter
Year 8 Mid Test subject information

Year 9 Mid-Year Assessment Letter
Year 9 Mid Test subject information