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Media Studies

The Media play a central role in contemporary culture, society and politics. They shape our perceptions of the world through the representations, ideas and points of view the offer. The aim in Media Studies is to offer learners the opportunity to develop an in depth understanding and knowledge of these issues alongside a theoretical framework to support critical exploration, reflection, analysis and debate.

Students should develop a wider understanding of media industries, the globalised nature of contemporary media and the centrality of media in contemporary life. Learners will also develop an awareness of emerging and evolving media by studying a variety of media platforms plus established media alongside contemporary media forms. Students will extend their experience of the media through the study of products with which they may less familiar including those produced for or by minority groups, non-mainstream and non-English language products.  Additionally, they will develop knowledge of the transnational nature of the media and consider the effects of different national contexts on representations in the media and the targeting of audiences on a global and national scale.  Media studies will also provide learners with opportunities to develop and enhance media production skills in different forms, applying their knowledge and skills to become creators of meaning and target audiences themselves.

Students can expect to be taught by media specialists who have a passion for delivering the subject and who constantly keep abreast of evolving issues and topics.

Please follow this link for the Media Curriculum Map KS4 (2020-21)