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Library Facilities

The Library is open every breaktime, lunchtime and after school for students to browse the books, read or complete homework.

Our Library has a large stock of fiction and non-fiction stock for students to borrow. Students can borrow up to 3 fiction books and 1 non-fiction book at a time. There are no late fees, however students won’t be able to take out other books until their overdue books are returned and reminder letters will be sent out.

The books in the Library are organised by genre (mystery, humour, sci-fi etc.) to help students find books they are interested in. Books are colour coded by Accelerated Reader level to help students identify which books they will find accessible whilst still providing them with a manageable level of challenge. These books are the optimal level for growing their reading age, but students are free to choose any books to read. We also have a wide collection of comics and manga. We have a growing collection of ‘speedy readers’ and lower reading age books with teenage/age-appropriate themes on offer for students who are less confident readers.  We are always looking to grow our Library stock to reflect current popular choices and books in high demand and the Library are happy to take suggestions from students of books they would like to read.

Our Library also has a careers section, where students can look through brochures, information booklets and books about different career and education pathways. In addition, there are collections relating to Personal Development themes and health and wellbeing.

The Library hosts various competitions and events throughout the year, from rewards event and special celebration days (such as World Book Day) to author visits and presentations.

Homework and Study Support

The Library is an excellent resource for supporting students with their homework. The Library has computers and laptops which students can use to access Doddle and complete any online homework, as well as printing facilities. There are a range of non-fiction reference books students may find helpful for research and homework. We also have study guides and textbooks organised by subject to support students in Years 10-13 with their revision. Sixth formers can use the Library as a quiet study space (when lessons aren’t taking place in the Library). A supervised homework club takes place each day afterschool.

Library Lessons

Once every two weeks,  classes for students in Years 7-9 go to the Library during one of their English lessons. This is an excellent opportunity for their English teachers to support and encourage students’ wider reading for pleasure. During Library lessons, students are able to:

  • Browse the Library and swap their book
  • Complete Accelerated Reader book quizzes on the computers
  • Spend some time reading their current book choice
  • Receive help and support in choosing the right book for them in terms of interest and reading level from their English teacher and the Librarians

The Library lesson is also an opportunity for teachers to share a book to give students some reading inspiration as every Library lesson begins or ends with the teacher reading a passage aloud to the class from a different book.

Recommended Reads

Our Librarians are always on hand to help students choose the right book to captivate their interest and imagination. We also have a range of curated reading lists and collections to help students find a book they will love, including:

The book displays in the Library are regularly updated to promote books relating to different authors, themes and events.

Accelerated Reader

Year 7-9 students participate in the Accelerated Read programme, widely used in secondary schools to promote independent reading. It enables teachers to monitor and improve students’ reading ages and guide students towards books which they will find challenging yet still accessible. Three times a year, students take a ‘STAR Reader’ test which identifies their current reading level. The books in the Library have a small colour coded sticker which responds to the levels. These are the books students will find enjoyable to read whilst still stretching them slightly beyond their comfort zone so they can strengthen their reading skills. We have a huge selection of books at each level, across different genres and interests. Of course, students are free to choose any book in the Library; the levels act as a guide. Once students have completed a book, they take a 10-question quiz which gives assesses comprehension and tracks their word count and books completed.

English teachers are able to monitor how regularly students are reading outside of lessons (we recommend 15 minutes a day as a minimum) and motivate and encourage them to read more. We have reward stamp cards with reading challenges to suit every reader, including the most able readers. We also have prizes and rewards for engagement and progress.

MyON Online Library

Year 7-9 students also have access to thousands of titles through MyON virtual Library. They can log on to MyON from any tablet or computer to access e-books. More information on how to access MyON can be found on the Library pages in the student section of our website.

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