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By the time students reach the end of Key Stage 4 they should have developed a wide range of skills, strategies and coping mechanisms which they can take with them to help them to be successful in their future lives whether that be; future relationships, future careers, future decisions relating to their health and well-being or future contributions to society.  They should have also developed a secure knowledge base with a focus on the following areas:

Knowledge and understanding:

Knowledge and understanding in Learning for Life and Work (LLW) is taught across three strands – relationships, health and well-being and living in the wider world. Several common themes run throughout Key Stage 3 and 4:

  • Recognising and managing feelings about, and influences on, their body image including the media’s portrayal of idealised and artificial body shapes.
  • Strategies for managing their mental and physical health.
  • The wider risks and consequences of legal and illegal substance use, including on their personal safety, future career, relationships and future lifestyle.
  • Developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people.
  • Employability skills (including time management, self-organisation and presentation, project planning, team-working, networking and managing online presence).

The LLW curriculum is based on the development of key skills and strategies which students can utilise in later life. Knowledge and understanding is important but pupils must be given sufficient time to discuss the implications of this knowledge on their own lives and that of society in general.  In particular, this applies to the importance of time to discuss sensitive and controversial issues, such as pornography, domestic violence and sexual orientation.

Please follow this link for the LLW and CEIAG Curriculum Map