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KS4 Music

Key Stages 4 and 5   

There are currently 13 students in Year 11 and 15 in Year 10 following the Edexcel GCSE music course. Results are consistently high and well above the national average. There are opportunities to use music technology including sequencing and recording.

GCSE music is a good preparation for further musical study and a solid foundation for the AS/A levels in music and music technology, which is to be introduced in September 2016. Students may wish to study GCSE in music for its own sake, perhaps to form the basis of a future interest such as a career in the music industry, publishing, entertainment or any job which involves communication and expressive skills.

Music at Longsands Academy

The aim of the Music Department is to encourage and develop musical understanding, appreciation and achievement through teaching which is tailored to the individual student, which includes one-to-one support.

Practical music-making is central to the curriculum. Through a wide range of challenging activities and experiences, students will improve their knowledge and understanding of music. They will develop their creativity, self-discipline and confidence.

The department is very well equipped and includes a full compliment of percussion instruments, tuned and untuned, including African drums and South American Samba sets; over 80 guitars, electric and acoustic and 4 drum kits. Both main teaching rooms are also equipped with 15 computers linked to keyboards with up-to-date sequencing and score-writing software, including Cubase and Sibelius.

The department is staffed by two full time teachers, including the Head of Music.

Extra-curricular provision

The Music Department offers a broad programme of extra-curricular activities which enhance the aesthetic education of students and allow other staff with particular interests to offer their experience to broaden and enrich the curriculum offered to students. Groups including choirs, bands, and other ensembles run at various times throughout the year.

Students are encouraged to perform in public, both formally and informally. Formal opportunities include the annual Christmas Carol Service, Arts Week and various opportunities throughout the year.  There are opportunities to organise visits to theatres and concerts.