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Business GCSE

NB-  A new AQA GCSE Business specification will commence 1 September 2017 replacing the one detailed below.

Course Aim 

The AQA GCSE in Business aims to actively engage learners in business by developing you as independent learners. It also aims to develop your critical and reflective thinking skills.

Skills Development 

This course will help you develop a range of transferable skills which including problem solving, working in teams and independently and communication.

Content Covered 

During the course you will study 3 units which are:

In year one you will study Unit One: Setting up a new Business. This includes:

  • Starting a new business
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • People in Business
  • Operations Management

In year two you will study Unit Two: Growing as a Business. This includes:

  • The Business Organisation
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • People in Business
  • Operations Management

Course Destinations  

The programme is designed to give you the skills and confidence to be able to progress onto an L3 / A-Level programme.


External Assessment

  • There are 3 external assessments for the AQA GCSE in Business.
  • Below is a summary of the assessment methods used
Paper One (Business 1) Paper Two (Business 2) Paper 3 (Business 3)
  • Covers any content from Unit One
  • Is sat at the end of the second year.
  • Is one hour in length
  • Consist of 3 case study questions
  • Covers any content from Unit Two
  • Is sat at the end of the second year.
  • Is one hour in length
  • Consist of 3 case study questions
  • Involves a rereleased investigation task which is completed by learners prior to the assessment.
  • Learners are given 3 hours to write up their findings.
  • Is completed at the start of the second year.

Internal Assessment

You will be assessed throughout your course in a variety of ways which include those mentioned above but may also include presentation and observations.

During the course you will be given formal assessments which allow us to check your progress and offer tailored support to help you improve. These assessments will be recorded and reported to your parents.

During each half term you will be given 2 internal assessments which can take place in controlled conditions or given as an extended homework exercise. (During the first half term of the course you will be given only one internal assessment)

Entry Requirements

Examination Board Requirements

  •  There are no previous learning requirements set by AQA Exam Board for GCSE in Business. Entry requirements are at the discretion of the Academy.

Academy Requirements

  • You need to achieve a minimum of xxx in Year 9.
  • You need to have a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for business studies and current affairs.

Department Expectations

The business department and its staff require students to maintain a good or excellent attitude to learning by respecting its other students, staff and its resources. In addition you are expected to complete home works in full and on time.

You are expected to undertake independent study which will include homework, project work and keeping up to date with business issues via media sources.

For further information or clarification please contact……

Mr B. Makamba – Head of Business, Economics and Enterprise
Mrs A. Fisher – Lead: Vocational Business Studies