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KS3 Modern Foreign Languages

Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry or savour their songs – Nelson Mandela

Modern Languages (French/German/Spanish)

In the MFL department at Longsands we are committed to ensuring our students gain an appreciation of other cultures and to improving their linguistic competence through fostering an enthusiasm for language learning. The world has become a much smaller place, thanks to technology and ease of travel.  Therefore, in an increasingly competitive workplace, it is crucial that our students learn other languages. Studies show that learning another language also helps us to understand English better and be a more effective communicator.

Languages are taught across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 and the programmes of study aim to build confidence across a range of topics which are introduced then revisited in more depth across Key Stage 3 and 4. At Key Stage 5 students explore French literature and current affairs in more depth. We use a range of teaching methods which all have the common aim of enabling our students to become competent at communicating in another language. We expect students to be well behaved and to be proactive in their learning.

Key Stage 3

At Longsands, students study either French or German in Year 7 and 8 for 3 lessons a week. In Year 9, those students who show an aptitude for language learning have the opportunity to take a second language, currently Spanish or Latin. These students will have 2 lessons a week of French or German and 1 lesson a week of their second language. The second language they take will depend on the School they are in.

The Key stage 3 programme of study builds knowledge of vocabulary and grammar over a range of topics with the aim of developing independence when learning a language. Progress in all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) is regularly reviewed.

At Key stage 3 students work on a range of topics in French, Spanish or German in order to be able to:

  • develop memory and vocabulary learning skills.
  • develop accurate pronunciation and knowledge of phonics (the sounds of a language).
  • develop an understanding of grammar (noun, genders, articles, then verb tenses)
  • develop their ability to adapt and manipulate the language they acquire to produce extended written and spoken responses
  • develop the skill of translation both into and out of the target language

During Key Stage 3 students can expect to study a range of topics and grammar that will enable them to begin to communicate effectively in the target language.

Topics studied at Key Stage 3 include:

  • How to introduce and describe yourself and others
  • Describing where you live
  • Talking about sports and hobbies
  • How to make arrangements to go out
  • Ordering and buying food
  • Describing and planning holidays
  • Describing illnesses
  • Talking about healthy eating
  • Cultural topics e.g traditions and festivals, film, music and poetry

In particular students will be encouraged to develop their ability to use a range of tenses and to be able to give their opinion on a range of topics. We also believe it is vital for students to develop an understanding of the culture and traditions of the language they are studying.