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Key Stage 4

The following pages are designed to help you navigate through the difficult world of KS4 and the many changes that we are experiencing at this time. If you would like some information regarding the new linear GCSE examinations please use the ‘ Linear GCSE Information’ link in the menu.

The Key Stage 4 team have put together a Curriculum Booklet for you to access throughout the year. There is one for Year 10 and one for Year 11. They contain important information about each subject as well as furnishing with you with key dates and other important information about the years ahead.  We hope you find them helpful.

If you have any questions regarding any matter around your child’s learning journey though KS4 please contact us using the ‘Members’ link in the menu.

Year 11 Curriculum Booklet 2018-19.pdf

KS4 Curriculum Time.pdf

Key Stage 4 Options Booklet 2018.pdf