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KS3 Technology

Product Design allows students to develop key life skills including: planning, organisation, design, problem solving, research, drawing, making and evaluating.  For many students the appeal of Product Design is that it allows them to develop their creative skills and realise them through their creations.

In Year 7 – Students will learn to work with metals,  This will include:

  • filing techniques;
  • drilling;
  • finishing and decorative techniques;
  • Ferrous, non-ferrous, alloys.

Y7 Projects include:

  • working with acrylic – thermoplasitcs
  • working with metals

Y7 Skills Include:

  • Basic sketching – (isometric and oblique drawing skills);
  • Copper working techniques (planishing etc.);
  • General workshop hand tools.

For further information on the schemes of work please go to useful links and files.

Year 8 – Plastics and Sustainability

In Y8 students will learn the about the following:

  •  how to work with plastics
  • vacuum forming and packaging
  • use of 2D computer packages
  • use of lasers to produce designs

Practical Skills include:

  • Design presentation
  • No glue/tape fixings for cardboard chair. Slots etc.
  • Injection moulding, vacuum forming, line bending, oven;
  • Use of electronic components and incorporating into product (car).
  • General workshop hand tools.

For further information on Y8 please see the scheme of work on useful links and files.

In Year 9

Students learn about how to work with wood.  The theory covered includes:

  •  mechanisms and mechanical advantage
  • how to use mechanisms in design

Manufacturing processes including:

  • Sawing;
  • Chiselling;
  • Using a plane;
  • Drilling;
  • Routing;
  • Constructing wood joints.

All About Wood based Materials:

  • Natural;
  • Manufactured – MDF, Plywood;
  •  Hard;
  • Soft.