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Key Stage 3


The majority of students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will follow the curriculum outlined below, in one-hour blocks (the numbers indicate hours of lessons per week); for further information about programmes of study, please follow the links to individual subject areas.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English 3 3 3
Maths 3 3 3
Science 3 3 3
Art 1 1 1
LLW* 1 1 1
Geography 2 2 2
History 2 2 2
ICT 1 1 1
MFL 3 3 3
Music 1 1 1
PA 1 1 0
PE 2 2 2
RE 1 1 1
Technology 1 1 2
Total 25 25 25

*LLW = Learning for Life and Work


KS3 Maths



Intensive Literacy (i2L) Course 

Leader: Mrs E Simpson


i2L is a provision for students whose literacy is at level 3 or below when they join us at the start of Year 7. These students often lack self-confidence in their ability to learn and may find the transition from primary to secondary school particularly difficult. The aim of the course is to provide the opportunity for accelerated learning in English and Maths. Students will concentrate on key literacy and numeracy skills in year 7 and build on these skills as they progress through KS3. The key to i2L is the importance placed on independence – students will all complete the work themselves, with support and at a slower pace, but the work will be their own.

Students are selected for i2L based on recommendations from junior school staff and parents as well as their Key Stage 2 results and our own testing of reading and spelling ages. 

Programme of Study

Students in i2L will not go to mainstream English, Maths and MFL lessons (9 hours per week).

During this time they will be taught as a smaller group following a bespoke curriculum:

5 hours of Literacy and learning/social skills

3 hours of Mathematics

1 hour of European Studies in Year 7

1 hour of Technology in Years 8 and 9

All other lessons are in mainstream classes, with their tutor group. As a result of high levels of support and staffing within i2L we are able to split into smaller groups during lessons to allow differentiated learning.

Additional support will be provided based on the needs of the i2L students; students with significant difficulties with basic literacy will also access highly structured reading and spelling programmes within Learning Support.

On-going Support

It is expected that students will remain as part of i2L throughout KS3 and are highly likely to access an alternative curriculum in when they begin their GCSE studies in Key Stage 4. As a result of following the European Studies programme during Year 7 only, i2L students will not be able to choose MFL as an option at GCSE.