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Key Staff

All staff can be reached by emailing enquiries@astrea-longsands.org

If you wish to come in to meet a member of staff, an appointment must be made in advance. The Academy welcomes communication from parents and carers and believes that by working in partnership and having open lines of communication we are best able to support our students. You can contact us by emailing enquiries@astrea-longsands.org or by calling 01480 353535. If you contact the Academy we will always do our best to get back to you as soon as we are able. Please be aware that our staff have very full teaching timetables and therefore there may be a delay in them accessing your message and being able to respond. For urgent matters we will contact you the same day. For non-urgent matters our staff will endeavour to contact you within two working days.

For teaching staff email addresses, please click here: Teaching Staff Emails by Department – January 2022


Principal Mr N D Owen email via
Vice Principal Mrs C Greaney clare.greaney@astrea-longsands.org
Assistant Principal
(Assessment and Moderation)
Mr J Merson julian.merson@astrea-longsands.org
Assistant Principal
(Curriculum and Professional Development)
Ms D Gordon deborah.gordon@astrea-longsands.org
Assistant Principal
Mr A Lesurf alf.lesurf@astrea-longsands.org
Assistant Principal
(Literacy Development)
*maternity cover
Mrs J Swainston janette.swainston@astrea-longsands.org
Assistant Principal
Mrs S Hills stephanie.hills@astrea-longsands.org 
Assistant Principal
(Personal Development)
Mr J Powell james.powell@astrea-longsands.org
Assistant Principal
(Literacy Development)
Ms I Fox *maternity leave
Business Education Mr B Makamba blessings.makamba@astrea-longsands.org
Computing Mrs C Chilton claire.chilton@astrea-longsands.org
English Mr R Owen robin.owen@astrea-longsands.org
Geography & Geology Mrs F McAllister freya.mcallister@astrea-longsands.org
History & Politics Mr J Wayman johnathan.wayman@astrea-longsands.org
Mathematics Mr J Merson julian.merson@astrea-longsands.org
Media Mrs C Bobbett chantal.bobbett@astrea-longsands.org
Modern Foreign Languages Mrs J Swainston janette.swainston@astrea-longsands.org
Music Mr B Parkes bryn.parkes@astrea-longsands.org
PD & Careers Mrs K Martindale kate.martindale@astrea-longsands.org
Physical Education Mr S Hood sebastian.hood@astrea-longsands.org
Religious Education Mr D Nunnery david.nunnery@astrea-longsands.org
Science Mr P Martin peter.martin@astrea-longsands.org
Social Sciences Mrs J Bartrick jean.bartrick@astrea-longsands.org
Technology Mrs D Kirk donna.kirk@astrea-longsands.org
Visual Arts Mrs G Sanders gina.sanders@astrea-longsands.org
Head of Year 7 Miss K Saunders kate.saunders@astrea-longsands.org
Head of Year 8 Mrs V Parsons victoria.parsons@astrea-longsands.org
Head of Year 9 Miss K Bingham kelly.bingham@astrea-longsands.org
Head of Year 10 Mrs S Postins sarah.postins@astrea-longsands.org
Head of Year 11 Mr J Milne jay.milne@astrea-longsands.org
Head of Year 12 Mr T Walker thomas.walker@astrea-longsands.org
Head of Year 13 Dr D Cullen douglas.cullen@astrea-longsands.org
SENDCO Mr T Laud thomas.laud@astrea-longsands.org
Attendance Manager Mrs K Baker kelly.baker@astrea-longsands.org
Behaviour Manager Mr A Mykoo anthony.mykoo@astrea-longsands.org
Transition Coordinator Mrs J Boston joanne.boston@astrea-longsands.org
Office Manager Mrs S Kontou sharon.kontou@astrea-longsands.org
Data Manager Mrs N Jarvis nicola.jarvis@astrea-longsands.org
Examinations Manager Mrs M Carpenter margaret.carpenter@astrea-longsands.org
Finance Department finance@astrea-longsands.org
Premises & Site Manager Mr D Moore dave.moore@astrea-longsands.org


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