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In September all students receive a Handbook. This should be treated with care and
always kept free from graffiti. The purpose of the Handbook is to enable students to
organise their school work and affairs in such a manner that they can perform
efficiently and effectively. We hope that parents will take an active part in assisting
students with this task.

The Handbook also contains information for students and parents/carers. It includes
some pointers for students with regard to everyday behaviour and it would be very
helpful if you could discuss these with your son or daughter. The Handbook contains
information about home learning and Doddle, a uniform list and a timetable will be
added which indicates which lessons students have, where and with whom.

Guide to using the handbook:
Students can copy their home learning timetable (issued at the start of term in September)
into their Handbook, they can show urgent notes to parents or teachers and use the
Handbook as a reminder for important dates and events. Remember to keep the Handbook
neat and tidy, without graffiti. Lost Handbooks or Handbooks in bad condition will have to be
replaced at a cost of £3.