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The Log Book is the main means of communication between home and school and for keeping track of how your son or daughter is getting on.

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Copy homework timetable issued at the start of term in September into your log book.
Show urgent notes to parents or teachers in your log book.
Use log book as a reminder for important dates and events.
Complete all homework to a high standard and meet deadlines.
Write down full details of all homework set in log book.
Keep the log book neat and tidy, without graffiti. Lost log books or log books in bad condition will have to be replaced at a cost of £3.00

Use log books to write praise, concerns and comments to parents.
Sign log book regularly.
Set and mark homework regularly.
Monitor that homework is recorded.

Encourage your child to do his/her homework in a well-lit space without distractions.
Encourage your child to get into a regular routine for homework eg when he/she comes home from school or before dinner.
Check homework has been completed and sign log book.
Take an active interest in what your child is doing at school.