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Open Evening

1st October 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Longsands Academy
PE19 1LQ

The Longsands Academy Student Support Team, accompanied by Year 7 students, visit the primary schools to talk to Year 6 about Longsands – the lessons, the rewards, the trips, who’s who and what Year 6 can look forward to.

The Year 6 students are then invited to ask our Year 7 students any questions they may have about Longsands: ‘What was your first day at Longsands like?’, ‘What happens if you get lost?’, ‘What are the teachers like?’, ‘What clubs are there?’

During this visit, our team works with the class to learn all about their favourite subjects, biggest worries and have some fun exploring learning styles, to learn a little more about each of the Year 6 students. The Year 6 teachers support discussions for constructive groupings for tutor group sorting at Longsands.

OPEN EVENING   1 October 2019

We invite all parents and families of Year 6 to visit Longsands Academy, meet our students and staff and enjoy a lively and entertaining evening including: plays, presentations, gymnastics, treasure hunts, maths puzzles, exploding custard powder, freshly baked cookies and stickers!