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Above all, we aim to inspire a love of English amongst our students and to provide enjoyment of reading and writing.  A relevant, dynamic and engaging curriculum is at the heart of this.  We actively foster and encourage the learning habits we know to be essential for our students to reach their full potential, particularly the ability to participate in high quality discussion and to reflect on their own learning.  By nurturing students’ cognitive and critical thinking skills, building resilience and encouraging flexible thinking, we can provide stretch and challenge at all levels.  Collaboration is key to our success as a department. Sharing resources and expertise, collaborating on curriculum content and sharing best practice allows us to use our time more efficiently and ensures a supportive working environment. However, we value teachers’ professional judgement, subject knowledge and autonomy, encouraging colleagues to teach from a variety of texts and strategies across the Key Stages. We facilitate teachers to provide a bespoke education for each class, as opposed to a one-size fits all approach.

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