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End of Autumn Term Reminder

Dear Parents and Carers

(Please click the following link to access the End of Autumn Term Reminder letter – the information from which is displayed below.) 

As the end of term approaches and we near the festive season, please see below a reminder of the arrangements for the final days of this term.

Today, Thursday 10 December 2020 the Academy closes early to accommodate the Year 11 Parental Consultation evening. As noted in our letter of the 25 November, this evening will take place online and the timings for the end of the day are as follows:


Year Group Period 4 ends Lunch available
7 12:55 hrs 12:55 hrs
8 & 10 13:10 hrs 13:10 hrs
9 & 11 13:10 hrs 13:20 hrs

Buses will arrive at 13:10 hrs and will depart at 13:30 hrs.

On Wednesday 16 December, we will share a link to our 60th Anniversary Virtual Carol Service with you.

Friday 18 December is the last day of the Autumn Term and we invite students to wear non-uniform – along with their festive jumpers! A suggested donation of £1 can be paid via the following link or via ParentPay. The money raised will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK in memory of and in tribute to Mr Hynes, a librarian at Longsands Academy for 32 years who sadly passed away earlier this year. Thank you for giving generously to this most worthy of causes.

The timings for Friday 18 December, the last day of this term are as follows:

08.45 am – 09.45 am Period 1
09.45 am – 10.45 am Period 2
10.45 am – 11.10 am Break
11.10 am – 12.10 pm Period 3
12.10 pm – 12.55 pm Tutor Time for Year 7 and then to the Sports Hall or canteen for lunch. At 1.10 pm students will go directly home or to the bus
12.10 pm – 1.10 pm Tutor Time for Years 8 and 10 then directly home, to the bus or canteen for lunch
12.10 pm – 1.10 pm Tutor Time for Years 9 and 11 then directly home, to the bus or wait until 1.20 pm for lunch from the canteen
1.10 pm Buses arrive
1.30 pm Buses depart

I hope that by the time the festive season arrives you are all able to enjoy some restful and enjoyable time with your loved ones in as safe a way as possible and I look forward to welcoming all students back to school on Tuesday 5 January 2021.

Yours sincerely

Mr N D Owen