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Curriculum Overview


At Longsands Academy, our curriculum is designed to fulfil our core purpose which aims to secure the best possible experience, learning and outcomes for each young person for whom we have responsibility. As such, we believe that students are entitled to be immersed in ‘the best that has been thought and said’ to induct them into the ‘conversations of mankind’. We believe this is best achieved through a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum and a strong personal development programme. The subject curriculum is designed to help students understand and make meaning of the world around them, and to take them beyond their everyday knowledge and experiences. Intellectual curiosity and resilience is developed through a curriculum taught by subject-specialists who impart the powerful knowledge and cultural capital that places students in a strong position to question and debate the world around them. Our provision is tailored so that all students, whatever their background and ability, can follow suitable pathways, from Year 7 through to Year 13, which maximise their chances to achieve academic excellence and success in public examinations, as well as promoting positive emotional wellbeing and mental health, enabling them to successfully access the next chapter of their lives.

Our commitment to promoting an ethos of learning for life and work throughout all aspects of the Academy, as well as our provision of a wide range of extra-curricular and personal development opportunities, aims to instil our core values in students: to work hard, to be kind and to achieve more. We value care and respect for self and others, honesty, creativity, clear and open communication, high aspirations and the determination to fulfil them, strong relationships, and shared goals achieved through teamwork.

You can find out more information about each subject in the Curriculum Overview 2021-22 and on the subject pages.

Years 7, 8 and 9

For the first three years at the school, students follow a broad and challenging academic programme that closely follows the National Curriculum. Alongside English, maths, science, history, geography and religious education, all students study French and, in addition, from Year 8 there is the opportunity for some students to study German. All students will have the opportunity to develop their creative flair in art, music and design and technology, learn to code in computer science, and enjoy a healthy competitiveness in physical education.

In personal development lessons, students learn about relationships, health and wellbeing, and living in the wider world, including careers and citizenship, allowing them to participate in democratic society and be responsible citizens.

Years 10 and 11

Students in Year 10 and 11 study a core set of subjects, including English language and literature, mathematics, science (which is worth either two or three GCSEs, depending on the depth of study), personal development and physical education. Most students will also study at least one ancient or modern foreign language plus history or geography. Further GCSE subjects include art, computer science, geology, music, religious studies, and physical education. There is a full guide to the GCSE subjects offered at Longsands Academy in our Year 9 Preferences brochure, which is part of a package of personalised support that students receive in order to make informed decisions about the subjects they study.

Years 12 and 13

We provide a range of academic A Level courses to suit all interests, as well as a small number of Level 3 BTEC qualifications. All students participate in a programme of personal development, alongside opportunities for enrichment and extra-curricular activities. Further details can be found on the Longsands Sixth Form website.


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