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Work experience

Work experience forms a vital part of our CEIAG programme of study. The aims of our work experience programme are:

  • To give every student first-hand experience of the workplace.
  • To give every student multiple opportunities to learn from employers about the skills valued in the workplace.

All Year 10 students will have the opportunity to complete 1 week of work experience at the end of the summer term.

Students are required to find their own placements and are supported with the process by the work experience coordinator, Natalie Jordan: natalie.jordan@astrea-longsands.org

Further information will be given during the parents information evening in November.

Once a placement has been found the parent/carer MUST complete the placement form. The link for this can be found in November’s introductory letter.

Parent/Carer information video: https://youtu.be/9ZZZU72UznY . Please find below a timeline showing the key dates and deadlines.

Please find below a list of FAQs which may be of use:

When is the deadline for the placement form? The deadline is 30 March 2022

Where is the placement form? The placement form is online and must be completed by a parent/carer. The link for this can be found in November’s introductory letter.

I can’t find a placement in the field I want to work in e.g medicine. This doesn’t matter – Remember that work experience in Year 10 is not about the type of work, it is about the general employability skills that you can learn during the week. For example, teamwork and communication. You will learn these skills doing any job so please don’t be concerned if you can’t find a placement in the area that you want.

I haven’t started to look yet – where do I start?

Option 1: Think about where you can travel to (by school bus, walking, cycling or sharing a lift) and then search in that area to see what employers there are. You can then make contact (by phone or email) to see if they are willing to take a student.

Option 2: Ask family and friends to see what work they do and ask if they might be able to offer you a placement.

Option 3: Write a list of types of work you would like to do and then search the area for employers. Make contact

If you have worked through these three options and are still stuck, please see Mrs Jordan or email her via natalie.jordan@astrea-longsands.org

Students across the Academy are also encouraged to take up other work experience opportunities. This section will be regularly updated with opportunities offered by local employers.

For details of the Year 12 Work Experience information, please CLICK HERE.

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