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Post 16 Applications procedure

Astrea Sixth Form St Neots  – You can make an application during your destination interview. Visit their website.

Other 6th Forms/Colleges – Please apply directly using the provider’s preferred method, please do speak with a member of Longsands Academy Key Stage 4 staff first to discuss the options available at Astrea Sixth Form St Neots.

Apprenticeships – There are a number of ways to find one. You must have an up to date CV. Most colleges have a dedicated apprenticeship team which can help. Register for updates on the government website

All external applications will require an academic reference. Longsands will organise this on your behalf and the reference will be sent to the institution. Please inform your form tutor when you make an application.

If you are unsure as to the level of course to apply for please consult the institution or refer to the attached qualification routes information.

If you have any questions please speak to your form tutor, a member of the Key Stage 4 team or Mrs Martindale.

Qualification routes poster