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Assessment and Revision

In Years 7, 8 and 9 (in addition to day-to-day assessment and testing routinely taking place in lessons) students are formally assessed twice each year.  These are known as Mid-Year Assessments (taking place in January), and End of Year Assessments (taking place in June).

A separate test is taken in each subject across a single week and a timetable is published in advance.  Tests are directly linked to the curriculum taught, and generally cover everything students have learned up to this point at Longsands.  This means that Year 8 students can expect to answer questions on topics from both Year 7 and Year 8; Year 9 students likewise can expect to answer questions on topics covered since the beginning of Year 7.

Each set of assessments is preceded by a test preparation week where lessons and homework are devoted to appropriate revision activities.

Results are reported to parents roughly three school weeks after the tests happen, in the form of a percentage score for each subject, alongside the median average score for students across the whole year.  This helps establish the progress students are making.  A Parent Consultation event takes place after the publication of the Mid-Year Assessments, affording an opportunity to discuss outcomes in more detail with teachers.  Additionally, teachers compare the performance of students with baseline expectations in order to establish those who would benefit from further support.

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Year 11
Please click the following link to view the Year 11 Mock Exam Revision Materials:

Year 11 Revision Guide including November 2022 Exam Timetable 2022-2023

Year 10


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